We are a block management company specialising in supporting flat owners through the Right to Manage (RTM) process and the set-up of a successful management structure for the future.

We can help you reduce your costs and build a sense of community, bringing residents together with shared aspirations, values and experiences. Our approach promotes a strong sense of mutual commitment and obligation which in turn promotes your development as a ‘place to live’.

We believe that all flat owners should have the freedom to choose their management company and all management companies should be accountable to owners for the service they provide and costs they charge. This happens when a RTM company is in place.

It is your legal right to form a Right to Manage company and we can help you. Register here.

If you are an owner wanting to safe guard your investment, an agent looking to help your clients or an existing Right to Manage Company we can help you.


Apartment owners

We can help you cut your costs, increase the value of your property and create a real sense of community in your building

• By showing you step-by-step how to set up an officially recognised Leaseholders Association or Right to Manage company

• By providing you with the essential legal and regulatory advice so that you can easily manage your own building – avoiding all the common pitfalls

• By taking on the administration of the process (if you want us to) ensuring that your building is managed to the benefit of all concerned – for less than you pay now


We will help you attract new landlords and achieve higher rental values

• By working with you and your landlord on strategies to overcome block management problems

• By reducing the service management costs your landlords incur

Right to manage directors

We will lighten the load by providing you with the tools to continually drive improvements in your block. For example ….

  • Acting as your ‘Company Secretary’ to ensure legal and regulatory obligations are met
  • Invoicing and collecting outstanding debt
  • Providing savings on Insurance and major supplier contracts
  • Providing you with your own web site and discussion forum
  • Providing you with a ‘starter’ plan when self managing
  • Providing an ‘interim’ director should an existing director resign or become ill